Made a payment!

This is my first credit card payment since starting this blog. I paid $300 towards my two cards, $240 to the one with the heigher interest rate and $60 to the one with the lower rate, just over its minimum payment. I paid off more than 5% of my debt! It makes me feel great to see that number down, if only by a little bit.

Previously, when I made a payment on the cards, it kind of just went into a black hole. The balance was still high, and since I was not keeping careful track of it, the payments just got lost in the shuffle. So I never knew if the balances were going up or going down, because they never changed much in a single month.

In a comment on my previous post, Jess, whom I know in real life, pointed out two expenditures that I had forgotten about. This just emphasizes the fact that I need to start keeping track of those cash expenditures!


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