November Update

First, I updated my sidebar with my current cc debt totals- this month I paid down $284.84 – and the debt is now 11% paid off!

I am getting married in one month and two days to the man I have been living with for over two years. As a result, you will see a lot more “we” used in this blog regarding our financial decisions. Generally, consider “I” and “we” to be interchangeable in this context because we discuss financial decisions and strategies thoroughly, but I am the only one blogging about them. Since his parents are paying for our modest wedding, I will not be discussing it here.

In looking over our expenses for November, I noticed that we actually went over budget on our groceries this month, coming in at $453.33 (our budget is $400). I thought about this for a second and realized that this is the result of the time of year. At this time of year, our cooking shifts away from CSA produce (which ended this month) and more towards pantry foods and I start baking like a maniac. As a results, we had to make a big supermarket trip to stock up on staples like canned tomatoes, vegetable stock and baking supplies. We also spent quite a bit for our thanksgiving dinner, which we celebrated at home, just the two of us. I am a vegetarian, so pre-DH (I do not like the term fiancé) bought a pheasant, a much more appropriately sized bird for one than the traditional turkey. This and a bunch of fresh local vegetables came to $80. We had a great meal and a nice holiday, so I say it was worth it.

In avoidable expenses on my end, I spent $8.25 on library fines. Better than spending hundreds on books every year, I suppose, but still. I also spent $40 on drinks (in one night), $30.25 on coffee, and $200 in cash total over the month. In my defense, it is peppermint latte season, and although I have been successfully avoiding coffee since June, I cannot resist the peppermint lattes! I have been charging them all on my debit card though so that I can better track how much I am spending on them and hopefully stop before it gets out of hand. The cash expenditures are way down since last month, I think because I have been much more aware of them.

I also bought $120 worth of clothes early this month for some reason. I bought two dresses that I need for my honeymoon, though I have since realized that I could have left one at the store – but cannot find the receipt.  Silly me. The remainder of the clothes was two sweaters and a skirt, each of which was deeply discounted. The amount of money is not the end of the world, and I like the items I bought, so I cannot censure myself for buying them. Yet.

I need to be much more mindful of my spending. Yet I know that I am making improvements, because there is more money in my checking account at the end of the pay period than there used to be. Baby steps!


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